What Does Jacem actually do?

Jacem is different to most other business consultants in that we have not specialized in one particular area of business development. We haven’t, like many have done, hung out the shingle purporting to be the bees knees in advertising or customer service training or succession planning or whatever. We know that problems or opportunities facing organisations usually require multiple skills & abilities to be applied to overcome the problem or realize the opportunity. This ‘multi-disciplined’ approach avoids the common problem that other ‘consultants’ exhibit constantly: no matter what your problem or opportunity – their particular specialty will magically fix it! That’s why Jacem assists companies in a wider variety of business development areas. To assist a business owner in realizing their vision they usually need a broad collection of business disciplines. We fill in the gaps for business owners & managers in the areas where they don’t have the technical expertise on tap. While there are quite a few areas of expertise listed in our capability statement, closer inspection reveals quite a deal of over lap in the lower level knowledge, skills and abilities required to carry out those business development activities. For example winning community support overlaps with marketing and advertising as at the end of the day both activities are attempting to elicit a ‘desire’ from a ‘prospect’ for a certain product or project. Most importantly Jacem knows its limitations in its people. We don’t develop expertise at the client’s expense – we hire when needed to ensure a project’s success. Essentially we set our fees based on success. If we don’t deliver what we agreed with you, you don’t pay us. Nothing focuses the efforts of people like that sort of accountability. It usually sits well with business owners as that is exactly their position with their own business! It's is the Jacem difference. We are happy to sit down and talk through your business issues with no obligation, fee or commitment up front. If you are ready,

The Services We Provide:

  • Branding & Advertising Campaign Development
  • Database Marketing Campaign Creation & Management
  • Winning Community Support / Public Relations Advice
  • Web Based Business Support Systems & Databases
  • Business Strategic Planning & Execution
  • Sales, Service & Production Processes Improvement
  • Business & Sales Processes Improvement
  • High Performance Staff Development & Review Systems
  • Franchising Feasibility, Development & Promotion
  • Owners Exit Strategies & Management Buyouts